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Instead of buying a newspaper everyday, I buy a book (paperback/hardback/ebook).. lol so I have hundreds and hundreds of books, my goal in life is to read as many as possible.. keeps the brain active :) Every book is like a little holiday, it takes you to places beyond your wildest dreams.. You can become a whole other person.. And it's YOU who gets to pick the 'actors' in your mind, you see them in your mind the way YOU want, instead of at the movies you have to be content with the actors others have chosen to play the part of your favorite book character! If there is something else you want to know about me, just ask ;) I don't bite (much) :)
Breathe - Abbi Glines

I'll keep saying it.. Abbi Glines is a genius! I fall in love with everyone of her books, no matter what the topic or characters. You always get sucked into the story.. you laugh with them, you cry with them.. It's a true rollercoaster of emotions!

Jax Stone is just swoon worthy! THE sexiest rock star ever falls head over heels in love with a small town girl.. Be prepared for an amazing love story!! Jax Stone is def one of my favorite guys in the Sea Breeze series.